If you were ever able to dig deep enough into your heart-of-hearts, psyche, and soul to discover why it is you do and say the things you do, would you do it? Would you ask yourself the questions of what makes us tick? If we did, what we would unearth is that we are a melting pot and conglomeration of beliefs, traditions, thoughts, and behaviors of our past generations. We have those systems encompassed and ingrained into us as an individual which was instilled in us at birth. It was not by our choice; however, these are our first gifts and impressions which has become-our lineage.

I believe that because I was born in southern Louisiana, and I have a unique set of factors and variants in my upbringing and routines that people outside of this region aren’t accustomed to (nor willing to participate in).  That’s ok!  I may not operate in the ways in which they do simply because, I didn’t wake up one day where they are wearing their shoes either!  Everything needs an opposite to stay balanced.  The Yin.  The Yang.  I love to meet new people and experience their distinct style of food, art, culture, beliefs, and music. It is all a new perspective and lifestyle that I am intrigued by. Plus, I like to expand my horizons of understanding so that I can appeal and communicate with a more diverse group of people.  

In order for us to harmonize better as a whole, we should educate ourselves about people and their backgrounds. It is what we consider “our society”.  I am not saying that we should adapt our personalities to them all and become a chameleon, but we need to have an understanding, respect, and acknowledgement for all of our neighbors. We should love them where they are. Regardless if we agree with them or not, it’s irrelevant.  

I encourage us all to be transparent enough to reflect on our character as individuals and EXCLUDE anything from within us that we don’t necessarily agree with or believe in-things that have been consciously, subconsciously, and/or subliminally placed within us from infancy. Our lineage has flaws and paradoxes that have been repeating themselves for generations. Be aware of these things, and be strong and courageous enough to correct those errors within yourselves, so it stops there and doesn’t trickle down to your children and grandchildren.  Let’s stop transferring these negative attributes down our ancestral line and make some positive changes to our “family tree”.  Let’s face it, the same things that you didn’t appreciate growing up, neither do your children!  Some common examples in which I am referring to are vast and not limited to these:  fear, hate, depression, alcoholism, any form of mental, physical, and spiritual abuse; racism, manipulation, being judgmental, untrustworthy, uncompassionate, unavailable, etc. 

My prayer for us all is for everyone’s lineage to be prosperous, blessed, and full of joy now and forever more!  I pray for what’s been broken to be fixed, for what’s been hurting to be healed, and to make sure we never are in agreement with anything that may resemble a lineage of generational curses!  We are always free to make POSITIVE adjustments and changes within us and for our last names’ sake!