Marshall Harris

By: Chrissy Cirfuentes

While on stage, Marshall Harris feels right at home. His showmanship, jazzy voice, and charisma are just some of the fantastic qualities that make this New Orleans performer so dynamic. He graces stages all across the city and entertains audiences by engaging them in his act. At a young age, Harris’ modeling career started it all. However, he explained that his modeling career quickly transitioned to musical theatre roles. Those popular shows propelled him into his thriving singing career. “While modeling in between my mural works, I was asked to do some chorus work in a local musical,” he said. “That small appearance based on my modeling got me noticed, and soon I found myself being asked to take on serious theater roles.” Some of Harris’ most notable shows include “Cabaret”, “Rocky Horror” and “Jesus Christ Superstar.”   

According to Harris, every time he steps onto the stage, he feels the electrical charge from the audience. That energy is what keeps him motivated to give each performance all that he has within him. “I get such a charge out of performing for a live audience,” stated Harris. “They’ve gotten their tickets, dressed up for the night, collected their friends and are out for a good time.  It’s up to me to make sure the get that good time! Puts me over the moon.” Harris stated that he pulls inspiration from some of New Orleans’ finest talents. “My top three famous New Orleans inspirational people are Drew Brees for his humble kindnesses, Becky Allen for her huge giving heart and legendary stage career, and Carl Mack for his many talents and incredible ability to bring people together.” 

Harris is not only respected for his singing career, but also for his show-stopping Krewe of Stars. He is the owner of the organization along with Co-Captain Carl Mark. The star-studded Mardi Gras krewe is jam packed full of New Orleans’ most recognizable entertainers and personalities. It is the jewel in Harris’ crown, and all are welcome to be a part of this exciting night of celebration. “We are the original Ball for All, welcoming everyone from all walks to be a part of our ‘Show Ball’. We offer a catered event with red carpet arrival, a first class Show Ball, and Starlight dancing until midnight,” he said. “Join our constellation anytime at, a shameful plug yes, but a one I’m proud to offer!” 

Keeping his fan base wanting more, Harris is excited to announce that he will be returning back to his artistic roots. His passion for art is alive and well, and he is ready to showcase his paintings in the near future. “I painted large scale murals for many years, on bridges and buildings all over the greater New Orleans area,” he explained. “Showbiz has kept my focus for a while, but I feel it’s time to marry the two. My show fans will get a nice surprise when they see their showman present something they have not seen before from him.” 

New Orleans is a city filled with growing talent and entertainers galore, and Harris has special advice to those seeking the limelight. With years of past experience and many more on the horizon, Harris seeks to encourage others to pursue their dreams with a fire in their hearts. “I always say, ‘Share your life’s journey, learn from another’s’. This simply means, if you can put yourself in others’ shoes, imagine how much more you’ll be able to experience and learn from other people’s walks.”  

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