By: Samarah Bentley, age 14, 9th grade at Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle Orleans

There are many men in Louisiana doing great things for their community, becoming role models, and acting on what they believe to be their purpose. Family, heritage, business, and purpose tie in together for many people. Purpose also connects with your self-identity. For some, family drives one’s purpose and helps support doing amazing things for the community. This is why I find it important to bring attention to these men that are doing things beyond what they have to, including  going the extra mile, fulfilling goals, bettering the community, and leading. 

I had the privilege of talking with Preston Favorite about the power of men in purpose and how he felt his purpose affected his daily life. 

Mr. Favorite works in customer service at a local utility company and interacts with a diverse group of people every day. He does his job with kindness, grace and humility. You hear his beaming smile over the phone. As an active member of the community and his church, Preston Favorite is willing to serve others and make a difference in the lives of those he encounters. His family and belief in God play an important role in fulfilling his purpose.

Part of being a leader is taking action, solving issues in the community or simply being generous enough to help in a time of need. This is what makes Mr. Favorite a leader. He’s mentored young people, served in his church, supported a small mission in Rwanda, and has aided me in having the ability to write this article. He has personally shaped part of who I am and encouraged me to do big things. 

Want to know something else amazing? It’s one thing to be good at your job, but to bring that astonishing attitude and service home with you, no matter where you go, is simply remarkable. All while fulfilling his purpose, he inspires young people to do great and kind things. He has inspired me in particular to try as hard as I can and to strive for “exceeding expectations.” Preston Favorite is very much an ideal leader and role model for youth with wise words to share. His advice to youth is, “Always dream big and never be afraid of hard work, when the work realizes that you’re not afraid it becomes easy. Develop great study habits.” Take that advice to heart. It’s some pretty good advice.