Did you know that some of the most dangerous influences to our health come from things that we willingly expose ourselves to?  Many of the products that we use on and in our bodies, and in our homes every day contain harmful toxins.  Even those labeled “natural” or “organic” can contain harmful ingredients.  

We challenge you to read the ingredients on the back of your favorite product and “Google” the ones that you cannot pronounce.  You will be amazed to see what is in it.  The “Think Dirty” app and the “Environmental Working Group” website are also great resources to check the toxicity levels of products.  e  t   Once we learned about the dangers in products, it was time to ditch the old and switch to toxic-free products.  

Our research led us to Young Living, who offers safe and toxin free options.  Young Living embraces rigorous quality control standards to ensure that products meet strict specifications from the sourcing to the seed until the bottle is sealed.  While they are an essential oil company, Young Living is also a fully equipped natural products company with supplements, beauty products, household cleaning products, kids and baby products, personal care products, oral care, pet care, and makeup – one stop shopping without the toxins.

It is our hope to inspire you to do your own research on the products that you allow into your home.  Today is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and kick toxins to the curb.