By Toni Ziegler

Let’s start with the very basics.  This magnificent machine called our BODY was made to move!  All internal operations are based on movement.   Blood pulses through us from the beating of our heart to muscles, organs, etc. – MOVEMENT!  Our mouths chew; our throats swallow; our digestion system engages to move food through our bodies to create energy and life, etc. – MOVEMENT!  The list is long, so using the acronym M.O.V.E. let’s get you going in aiding your body with its health.

M is for motivation.  Motivation comes from within, so FIND YOURS!   Do you have kids and need more energy?  Does your job place physical demands on you?  Are you a grandparent, and you want to play on the floor with your grandkids? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? What motivates you to want to be fit and healthy?  WRITE IT DOWN and post it in a place where you will see it daily.  

O is for operation.  Find a way to make exercise operate in your life.  You’re an early bird?  Go for a morning walk; get to the gym; workout to an exercise video; do jumping jacks, etc.  You’re a night owl?  There are plenty of 24-7 gyms; go for a walk after dinner; or take a dance class.  Find your time to MAKE MOVEMENT OPERATE in your life.   

V is for validation.  Validating something means to make or declare something legally valid; to legitimize, certify, or recognize its value.   This is the validation of your motivation.   I am getting fit because it gives me more energy; it makes my joints move better; it makes me feel better.  It, it, it…..write IT down.  PUT THIS VALIDATION STATEMENT NEXT TO YOUR MOTIVATION STATEMENT.

E is for education.  Get educated.  Join a gym.  Find a trainer.  Find a friend who is working on their fitness and health.  In this day and age of technology, there is no excuse for not being educated. GET EDUCATED!  

This message is meant to encourage you to get started.  Every journey begins with one step.  You had to move to pick up this magazine, open its pages, and read what’s in it.  You’re already moving!  So, make your M.O.V.E. for your health and fitness using this acronym.   I pray you’ve been blessed.

Toni Ziegler is a Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer.  She trains at Cross Gates Family Fitness on Gause Boulevard in Slidell, LA.  She is the founder of Your Temple Fitness.  Feel free to contact her at