By Gina Piazza

PURPOSE: Let’s face it, everyone’s life is driven by something, but is that something driving you to fulfill your greatest potential? Is it, satisfying? Do you feel you fill a void that cannot be met without you? Perhaps there’s a feeling of discontentment, or things have gotten routine and stale. Maybe it’s time to search this expanse called life and see what it’s speaking to you! Let me ask this, when was the last time you have slowed down long enough to really search your heart and listen, listen to what it so desperately wanting to saying to you! While you do, here’s a quick list of a few things though not exhaustive, that could be hindering your ability to flow with purpose that would lead to a more satisfying state of life.

1. Guilt – Many people live their lives burdened by guilt. They allow this guilt to control them so that their past controls their future. God, though, loves to give us an opportunity for a fresh start. We do not need to live in guilt.

2. Resentment & Anger – Some people hold on to hurts from the past and never learn to let them go. Eventually this anger and resentment controls them. Here’s some sound advice “For your own sake, learn from it, and then let it go.”

3. Fear – Fear controls many people. By playing it safe and always fighting to maintain the status quo they may avoid God’s purpose for their lives. In this life we need to learn to fight fear through faith in God.

4. Materialism – Most people in our society are driven by materialism. They are driven to acquire more and more possessions and believe that security can only be found in having more. This goes directly against Scripture which says that the most valuable things in life are not things!

5. Need For Approval – Many people allow their need for other people’s approval to control their lives. They spend their lives worrying about what others think of them.

Now that we see somethings that may be hindering Let’s look at the five main benefits to living a purpose-filled life. They are:

1. Knowing My Purpose Gives Meaning To My Life – Humans were made to have meaning. Without purpose, life is meaningless. A meaningless life is a life without hope or significance. This is a profound statement and one that everyone should spend time pondering. God gives purpose. Purpose gives meaning. Meaning gives hope and significance. There is awesome truth contained within that logic.

2. Knowing My Purpose Simplifies My Life – My purpose becomes the standard I use to determine which activities are important and which are not. If an activity does not further my purpose it can, and often should, be removed or ignored. My purpose gives me the foundation on which to base decisions and allocate my time and resources.

3. Knowing My Purpose Focuses My Life– With a determined purpose I can focus my time and energy on what is truly important. Without purpose I may always be getting distracted and changing direction. Focusing on a few things that fulfill my purpose will yield better results than attempting to focus on many things that may not.

4. Knowing My Purpose Motivates My Life – Purpose produces passion. By knowing my purpose I will be passionate about achieving it.

5. Knowing My Purpose Prepares Me For Eternity – My time on earth is nothing more than a preparation for eternity. What matters in the end is not whether people remember me after I am gone but what God says about my life. Building an eternal legacy is far more important than building an earthly one.

Many of us today are going through the motions, wandering through life without a purpose.” Aimless, with no target to hit and no thought for tomorrow, the motto becomes” life” just happens.

Money, isn’t a strong enough motivator, for most it doesn’t matter what the pay is if it doesn’t speak to your inner values and talents you will not be motivated to be apart of the grander scheme, the mission, or a job. If your fumbling or wandering through life, here’s a simple question that may help you to discover what is lying dormant in your core, that either you have not discovered or you haven’t drilled deep enough to find. Like a diamond in the coal mine, everyone has buried treasure within just waiting for something or someone to mine it out. Here’s something you can ask yourself, a family member or friend……”What would you say is the driving force of my life? What do I want it to be?” I know for me, I’d like to think and sincerely hope that they would answer that God drives my life. I want nothing more than to be a tool used by God to further His work. I do hope that as I grow in my faith, so will my devotion to this purpose. But what about you, what is lying in wait for someone to see and release in you, what has God buried as a treasure inside of you? Whatever it is, though it may try to hide it’s there just waiting to surface and be brought out to be valued and placed in a space it was always ment to be. You do have purpose, and the world awaits for your treasure to be revealed, you are an answer to someone’s need I challenge you to step out and find out what you carry on the inside of you! Then go for it and what ever it is in this life that you do, do it BIG!!