By Ali Vicknair

Waging a war on common social issues that plague today’s generation, not many individuals grasp the full extent of what struggles lie behind the screens of a cellphone for the youth today. A sour taste is left inside the mouths of those making assumptions of a generation they cannot yet comprehend. In a world smothered with edited versions of families, experiences and appearances, the pressure of adhering to the world’s calling hinders personal growth of minors today, forcing kids and teenagers to find a home within their own facade. In a way, a social media platform causes many adolescents to focus more on their image and status rather than embracing individuality and discovering an identity they were perfectly made to obtain. By remaining reliant upon admiration from their peers, this generation has fallen into a tireless trap, and many are afraid the generations-to-come are unable to climb out. Nowadays, assistance is a simple click away, meaning trouble can just as easily slip into a device. 

  As a kid growing up in the world of technology blooming around every corner, it appears that the sky is no longer the limit. The availability and access to success seems almost impossible for one’s brain to stop considering. Thinking back to the innocent mentality a child possesses, one has no clue his dreams are unrealistic because he is so immensely passionate, unknowingly overlooking reality, and focusing strictly on the goal at hand rather than the obstacles placed in his path. Naturally, as one matures, the world attempts to alter certain dreams, putting them into perspective, but with this generation, one can undeniably find backroads to achieve success that was not exactly permitted to other generations. Seeking affirmation, many children hide behind their screens to distract from their own insecurities, fabricating a sense of reality on social media, hoping to find clarity in a form of temporary happiness technology provides. Most of this generation believes everything they aspire is attainable, for every dream they’ve ever had has been fulfilled by previous generations. Generational classifications are reluctantly unavoidable; however, one should not make erroneous speculations and corner an entire body of people into a very specific category of laziness. It isn’t fair to confine the minority of hardworking youngsters in a box labeled “entitled,” when the future of the world will one day be left molding in the hands of those in the upcoming generation whose hard work is done by thinking outside the box stigmas and inside of a brain left misunderstood.