By: Blaise McGOEY
Junior, Fountainebleu High School

The time that we are given is something that we can never get back, and it should be used wisely and to the fullest because we never know when we’re going to run out of it. It all starts the day that we were born. We all know that childhood is an essential character-building stage of a person’s life. Young minds are impressionable and often do what they may have seen and heard.  Our upbringing is one of many things that makes us individuals, as well as our memories and experiences which make us unique. As a result of these varieties of family structures, we can learn from one another and build our own knowledge base of our own. Even though we are different, we learn about one another in ways to hopefully appreciate each other more. Even though my childhood has come and gone, I still carry a lot of it with me. For a lot of who I am stems from that time period of growth. Then we grow in the adolescence of our teen years until we’re adults. It wasn’t until just recently that I began to appreciate time on earth with family, playing sports, vacations, and really let some of what I have absorbed sink in.  For instance, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a grandfather live well into his eighties. This alone has helped me value the essence of time.

Now that I have grown into a teenager, I appreciate the times I have had and the time that I have had also to give to others. I hadn’t fully grasped that until now due to a lack of experience and understanding.  My message here speaks a message of this:  always be diligent and thoughtful. Never take anyone or anything for granted, and make proper choices in their due time. For if it is the wrong choice, you will spend more time trying to fix and undo what has already been done; keeping us stuck and from propelling into our future, which definitely time wasted.