The Lifestyles team would like to honor some of our very own mothers of purpose. As women, we were chosen to birth not only our children into existence, but also our hopes and dreams of a better future. Nicole Justice, the publisher of Lifestyles Health and Wealth magazine, is the magnificent mother of two boys, Conner and Cole. She showcases her innovative and creative qualities by raising up her two children into the pursuit of healthy lifestyles. Also, she created Lifestyles Health and Wealth magazine to instill the purpose of a balanced life into the hearts of readers. Without her positive thoughts behind this publication, our writers and contributors would not have their voices heard across this great state. Our team is extremely grateful for her passion and guidance throughout the Lifestyles journey. 

Our next mothers are both coincidentally named Stephanie; however, the meaning of their name is definitely not a mistake. The name Stephanie means “crowned” and these two mothers are queens in their own rights. Stephanie Collins is the mother of Lifestyles designer, Dawn Folse, and Stephanie Carter is the mother of Lifestyles writer, Chrissy Cifuentes. Both women shattered family strong holds and broke generational bonds. Each allowed God’s favor to rain down on their own families in a plethora of extraordinary ways. 

Stephanie Collin’s was abandoned by her mother and never had a true example of unconditional, motherly love. Not until she met her husband did the true meaning of family enter her mind and settle in her spirit. According to Collin’s, her mother-in-law became the mother she never had. The goodness she experienced while joining to her husband’s family gave her the example she needed as a matriarch. Due to this union, Collins experienced the love that God intends for us to have for our families. Years passed, and she then had children of her own. Collins cheerfully passed down traditions of arts, culture, and much more into her children. She is now a proud grandmother and seeks to instill the same values of love and acceptance into the lives of her grandchildren. 

Stephanie Carter was the youngest of all girls. Unfortunately, her father passed away before she was born, and she never knew the protective love of a biological father. Although she lacked a paternal presence in her life, her mother taught her to know her heavenly Father above all else. Throughout her life, she was confronted by many trials and tribulations, but she was supernaturally protected. She may not have had an earthly father present, but according to Stephanie, she was always in God’s hands. As she grew, so did her spiritual life. She married and had two daughters of her own. Not only did Stephanie instill the same Godly values that she was taught into her daughters, but she also gave them the protection every child needs and deserves. She broke the generational curse of loneliness and became a friend to not only her earthly daughters, but also to those who needed the love and protection of a spiritual mother. 

These women of purpose are only a few of the many that were called to make a difference in this world as a mother. By learning from their mistakes, gaining wisdom from their counsel, and embracing the sweetness of their lives, we can train up our younger generation to follow in their footsteps. Creating a lifestyle of birthing purpose is a monumental part of Lifestyles Health and Wealth magazine, and we will continue to seek the meaning behind every story of motherhood.