By Chrissy Cifuentes

The year of 2018, was all about igniting purpose for Lifestyles Health and Wealth Magazine. The Lifestyles’ team sought to empower readers with compelling stories about family, relationships, triumph over obstacles and much more. Louisiana businesses had opportunities to share their stories of purpose to not only flourish their companies, but also to educate and instruct readers on all things health and wellness. Now that this eventful year has come to a close, Lifestyles Health and Wealth seeks to showcase their first Live and Learn event as well as share exciting news about the future. 

The first annual Live and Learn event took place on December 1 at Abita Springs RV Resort. Healthcare professionals, assistant living facilities, financial advisors and more were present in order to inform visitors about creating a balanced way of living. Publisher, Nicole Justice, hosted a seminar where vendors, sponsors and affiliates took the floor. Each had the spotlight to share their wisdom on topics such as preparing for uncertain events, overcoming stressful situations, and maintaining a healthy way of living. Attendees of all ages left with new found knowledge that was meant to encourage, uplift and inspire. 

Lifestyles’ previous cover story, Perry’s Posse, was also on the scene. The ladies traveled to the expo to promote their non-profit foundation, educate individuals on their purpose, and represent their issue of Lifestyles Health and Wealth. There was delicious food, non-stop action, community connection and numerous opportunities for vendors to share their purpose on multi platforms. The Lifestyles’ digital team made their way around the expo conducting interviews with each representative in order to take the Live and Learn event to social media. These short videos are geared to spread information on the world-wide web and fuel purpose into viewers. 

Just days after the event, the Lifestyles Health and Wealth creative team met at St. Ann Wine Bar in Mandeville. Their meeting took place in the “Harvest Room” which was a perfect setting for birthing new ideas. Vision boards cascaded the room in order to provide a creative outlet for 2019. The ladies enjoyed fellowship, outstanding food, delicious beverages provided by St. Ann and much more. This meeting set a tone for a new year of story-telling in Lifestyles Health and Wealth. Events were planned, themes were explored and prayers were answered as the team worked diligently to provide new content which will inspire readers to come.