By Laura Cottingim

It’s the New Year. One again, it is the time to reflect and set your resolution for the upcoming 12 months. But as we all know, most of the time those resolutions often are never achieved.  I wonder if maybe we need to try a different approach.  Should setting an intention instead of a resolution be a possible solution, and what is the difference between the two? 

Resolution: is a firm decision to do or not to do something.  

Intention: is a thing that’s intended; an aim or plan.

Resolutions can make you feel bound to achieving something and cause disappointment if you don’t reach your goal. Intention setting can be a more gentle approach, allowing you to be driven towards a goal rather than bound to it. The main difference is the attitude behind the actions.  

If you want to lose weight, intend on taking a walk every day at lunch ,or park farther away from the store’s entrance to add some additional steps. Consider these things a new ritual rather than a resolution. Set your intentions to create new rituals. New rituals can open the door for success. They can help you achieve more and think clearly. Regardless of your daily schedule, here are a few rituals you can implement to assist you in achieving your goals.

  • Rise Early – Even if its 20 minutes. Use this extra time for prayer, meditation or quiet contemplation.
  • Make your bed – You will have accomplished the first task of the day!
  • Recite Affirmations – Positive statements you can use to reframe how you think about yourself and the day to come.
  • Exercise – A brisk walk in your neighborhood, or even a simple 7-minute workout.
  • Eat well – Think good carbs, fruits and vegetables and some protein.
  • Be grateful – Everyday find 10 things or more to be grateful for. This in itself is life changing.

These might seem like minor things–waking up early, making your bed, saying your affirmations, exercising, meditating and eating a good breakfast. But by combining some or all these as part of your daily ritual, you’re well prepped to achieve any intention you set for yourself regardless of what it is. 

Taking the time to nurture you is not selfish. Not only do you deserve it, but it puts you in a better state to deal with all your other facets of life. 

Laura is a Life Coach and Spiritual Healer. For more information about her work go to