by Gina Piazza

For nine months out of the year, bright yellow school buses are everywhere in sight. Faithfully, like the mailman, they are there to drop off and pick up our precious cargo. No matter the age of our children, these vehicles take our children safely to-and-fro from home to school and back again. 

As I was pondering thoughts of the kickoff to a new school year and new adventures for our children, a stirring began within me to pray for all of those who will be transported on these yellow buses which are affectionately known as the “bluebird” buses. This loving nickname made me reflect on a beloved song my grandmother used to sing to me. This song was also sung by the famous actress Judy Garland. One of the most famous lines of the song states, “Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly.” 

My mind drifted for a moment, and my heart began to soar at the potential of what was being shown to me. Bluebirds flying over the rainbow reminded me of God’s covenant with us and our children. I immediately begin to pray that our children would awaken to God and all that He has for them. I asked that spiritual earbuds would be plugged into their ears and that they would hear the voice of the Lord clearly. As they hold their cell phones in their hands, may the Lord allow them to see the reflection of the light of God. It is time for our children to FaceTime with the Lord! 

My thoughts became unlimited as I prayed that God would reveal Himself to the children. I prayed they would experience His glorious light and receive it into their hearts, minds, and souls. Think about the possibilities. God says, “I can use it if you will only imagine it.”

Be mindful of this fact and remember it as you go out to run errands or as you are driving in your car. Ask God to give you your purpose and to show you a new revelation. Watch for His answers which can come through a thought, feeling, creative idea, or a picture in your mind. I promise it will invigorate and revolutionize your prayer life, and it will put you right smack in the middle of His will for your life. Don’t get stuck in the mundane same old routine. Ask and seek to uncover what He sees. You will be praying naturally in the supernatural!

Remember, we should say what He says, “LET THERE BE LIGHT.” We should exclaim that powerful phrase in every circumstance, because we know He is an unlimited God. Cheers to a new year for parents, sons, and daughters all around the world! Have a blessed year and “let there be light” and love in all that you accomplish.