By Chrissy Cifuentes

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but according to Kevin and Elizabeth Brown, this friendship shouldn’t end with just the diamonds. “We have great relationships with our customers,” said Kevin Brown. “It is so exciting to be such a big part of our customers’ lives even after the engagement.” This married, diamond duo own and operate “Brilliance in Diamonds – the Engagement Specialists” in Metairie, and their ultimate purpose is to bring both unique jewelry and memories to their clients.

Kevin Brown’s journey with diamonds started as a quest to see customers receive quality jewelry for an incredible price. “While in the diamond business, I noticed that many of the big retailers weren’t providing quality items at a reasonable price,” he said. “I knew that this should be different, so I decided to give customers what they deserve which is high quality jewelry at a great price along with a personal feel.” In 2012, Kevin established “Brilliance in Diamonds” and the rest was history. “I instantly knew that this was my path,” he said. “I want to see people receive exactly what they want and that each person deserves to be an intricate part of the design process.”

As his business continued to escalade, so did Kevin’s romantic relationship with Elizabeth. Both shared a common passion for people, and it did not take very long for Elizabeth to become an intricate part of the business. “It was a big year in 2016,” said Elizabeth. “I decided to leave my job as a child’s advocate at Children’s Hospital in order to jump on board with him. It was a wonderful decision because we quickly found out that we made a great team.” According to Kevin, Elizabeth brought a whole new spark to the diamond business. Her contagious personality and tech-savvy style made her an asset in various ways. “She is in charge of our social media and is a vital part of the sales process,” he said. “We both have different talents that we bring to the table.”

Many question how this couple maintains their positive relationship as married business  partners, but the Browns believe that the key is respect. “We respect each other’s strengths and that is what makes it work so well,” said Elizabeth. “Of course there are bumps in the road, but we overcome them by listening to each other and communicating.” Kevin and Elizabeth also attribute their successes to putting the customers first. Not only do they work tirelessly to see the client’s dreams come to life, but also they constantly communicate with their clients in order to create a personal touch that many cannot replicate. “Kevin is always texting the customers about their designs and other ideas to guide them in the process,” stated Elizabeth. “It is important for us to know that we have done everything possible for them to be a part of the special moments of receiving their piece.” Even though the Browns consider themselves engagement specialists, they also have extensive experience and expertise in all types of fine jewelry. Whether it is woman’s necklaces or men’s watches, the pair can turn jewelry dreams into a reality. “We literally can do it all,” said Kevin. “Our prices are second to none, and it is our goal to see the customer happy with their new creations. Each piece is one of a kind; just like them.