By Chrissy Cifuentes

Lifestyles’ magazine seeks to recognize individuals within the region who have made an impact on arts and culture throughout Louisiana. Jewelry designers, family painters, culinary giants and many more are acknowledged for their outstanding crafts. However, many do not associate the written word as a modern tool of showcasing artistry. For our arts and culture showcase, we are celebrating an author who makes an impact on her world daily as an educator, mother, wife and writer.

Cheree’ Carter Gomez is the author of “Glitz, Glamour and God.” Her book is geared to young women in order to teach purity, love, forgiveness, and inner beauty in a world of negativity. Gomez wrote the book in 2009; however, her message of hope still resonates in readers across the country. While reading “Glitz, Glamour and God”, readers are taken on the personal journey of Gomez’s past. She reveals key components of her own life in order to assist other young women through the trials and tribulations they are faced on a daily basis. The book’s synopsis reads, “This book promises you that no matter what you have done, what secrets you are keeping, or how distant you may be from believing that you are special and deserving of all things good, you can transform your life into one of true glitz and glamour- as God intends for you.” 

Not only does her story-telling qualify her book as spiritual artwork, but also her genuine advice that is strategically geared to uplift and encourage young adults. Whether it scripture based principles, relationship guidance or casual girl talk, Gomez has an impeccable way of reaching woman throughout all walks of life. 

According to Pastor Kathy Duplantis of Covenant Church, “Cheree’ is a true beauty, inside and out. And, in her book, she shares her personal discovery of the source of real beauty. In a world filled with wrong messages designed to rob girls of their virtue and self-esteem, I believe that this book will be a great inspiration to young girls to follow God and His glorious plan for their lives.” 

This is not the only book that Gomez has written. She also paired up with her sister, Lifestyles’ writer Chrissy Cifuentes, to write a children’s book speaking of true purpose. The book is titled, “Under the Indian Moon.” The whimsical story follows a young peacock as he discovered his true identity while meeting many exciting characters along his journey. The book is geared to children of ages, but the theme is powerful enough to speak across all age ranges. 

In her spare time, Gomez journals her thoughts in the hopes of writing a new book; however, she spends the majority of her time as an educator, mother, and wife. With an energetic seven year old boy keeping her busy, and a new edition to the family on the way, one thing is for certain. Gomez will certainly have new aspects of life, love, and spirituality for her readers in the years to come.