by Chrissy Cifuentes 

Jewelry is such a beautiful symbol of femininity and glamour. When ladies adorn themselves with a special piece of jewelry, their whole day can be turned around for the better. Whether it is a simple necklace or numerous bangles of glitz, one thing is for certain, the woman wearing the jewelry is the true star of the show!

As a jewelry artist and designer, I always try to bring symbolism in my pieces. It is a goal of mine to have women wear my art knowing that God is within them. When I started my business, Peacock Prisms, I knew that it was destined to be more than just an ordinary jewelry line. I wanted my pieces to signify something eternal so that women all across Louisiana and the nation could uncover God’s goodness. 

It all started with my handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry, and then it quickly progressed into my fine line. The Revelation collection includes pieces such as ‘Genesis’, ‘The Promise’, and ‘Midnight Fire.’ Each piece is a representation of God’s glory from the creation to His second coming. These beautiful designs are meant to inspire others to uncover God’s wisdom through divine Revelation.  Mosaic opals, amethysts and golden pietersite stones are embedded in bold silver. This line was just the beginning of my Peacock Prisms destiny being fulfilled. 

Now it is 2019, and I have a new message along with a new design for my customers. This piece is called “Awakening.” Have you ever felt like you were missing your purpose in life? Maybe you lost the talented, creative person that you once were due to illness or other obligations. Well, it is time to awaken to God’s divine destiny for your life! This specific necklace is meant to be an impactful piece which symbolizes my brand of Peacock Prisms. The silver peacock feather cascades across your neck as a reminder of an all-seeing God. In Christianity, a peacock feather is a representation of rebirth, renewal and eternal life. Peacocks are said to be at the gates of heaven awaiting each person that will walk straight into eternity. The deep purple amethyst within the eye of the feather is the color for royalty. It also serves as a reminder that we are the daughters of the King of Glory!

It is your time to shine! While wearing “Awakening”, know that God’s perfect plan for your life is meant to unfold. He is waiting for you to have a rebirth within His spirit so that you can fulfill the many plans and purposes He has for your life.

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